Real Self Reviews for Dr. Danielle Deluca-Pytell

Real Self Reviews for Dr. Danielle Deluca-Pytell



Mommy Makeover
4 months ago
Mom of 3 (mommy makeover)

I am currently in day 5 of my recovery from a mommy makeover. I have spent 4 years talking myself in and out of having this procedure done. After meeting Dr Deluca I was confident that I had found the right Board certified plastic surgeon to perform my surgery. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I have not been able to see my true results yet because of the intense swelling but I am going to update with pictures overtime to show my results.

Updated on 10 May 2021:
Still a lot of swelling, can’t stand up straight yet. So far I’m happy with my results. Will post an update at 4 weeks

Updated on 13 May 2021:
I still feel a lot of swelling and can’t completely stand up straight. Trying to follow the drs orders and take it easy but I’m anxious to see my full results and get back to my life. I feel like I’m gaining weight just laying around doing nothing.

Updated on 14 May 2021:
Swelling going down and starting to get excited about my results. I also received a succulent from Dr. Pytells office. I’ve had such a pleasant experience with Dr. Pytell.

Updated on 17 May 2021:
Starting to feel pretty good, still weak and tired but I’m no longer taking pain meds during the day. I just take the muscle relaxer at night before bed. Still a lot of swelling but I am really loving my results!

Updated on 17 Aug 2021:
I am seeing great results now, it’s been about 3 1/2 months and I’m very happy with how I’ve healed and how the procedure went, Dr Deluca has been amazing throughout the entire process!


Mommy Makeover
2 years ago

I had a mommy makeover with Dr. DeLuca-Pytel and I couldn’t be happier!
I had a mommy makeover with Dr. DeLuca-Pytell and I just have to say she is outstanding! I was so nervous when I went to my first consultation but Dr. DeLuca- Pytell and the staff made me feel at ease. She is knowledgeable, professional, but most important awesome bedside manner. She gave me back my confidence after having 3 kids and my results turned out better than I imagined. I would not go to any other surgeon.


Mommy Makeover
4 years ago
45 Year Old Mother of 3 (22 Year Old and 20 Year Old Twins)

I am a patient of Dr. Deluca-Pytell and I am thrilled and honored to write this review. I am a mother of three boys- 22 year old and 20-year-old twins. I am petite in stature and overall size. I struggled over the past 20 years to have confidence because my stomach looked like a 90-year-old woman from stretching out during my twin pregnancy and my breasts were flat and saggy. Finally, I got up the courage to research Plastic Surgeons, abdominalplasty and breast augmentation. After meeting with Dr. Deluca-Pytell I instantly felt at ease due to her ability to listen, understand and guide me through the process while defining realistic expectations and outcomes to achieve the look I was after. I hold her honesty and straight forward nature in high regard and her beside manner and welcoming hugs made me feel like I was a friend, not just a patient. During my first check up following surgery I was unwrapped, and I asked if I could look in the mirror. Dr. Deluca Pytell was surprised because most patients do that in the privacy of their own homes and when I saw my breasts and stomach, which now look like a twenty something, I began to cry with happiness and so did she. I remember her stating “I never get to see the first impression of the results.” I truly understood in that moment how amazing Dr. Deluca-Pytell was and how important her talents are to those looking for confidence or due to medical necessity. My experience was outstanding from start to finish. Dr. Deluca-Pytell and her staff are outstanding, always available with the patient’s best interest in mind. Thank you Dr. Deluca-Pytell and staff!


Mommy Makeover
5 years ago

36 Year Old Mommy of 5…ready to Feel Confident About my Body Again – Troy, MI
Hey everyone! Well, i have finally made the decision to say goodbye to my deflated boobs and belly and all that came with growing and birthing five kiddos. The baby is 3 and our family is complete, so this Momma is READY!
I have a consult with 2 local surgens within the next month. Dr Deluca-Pytell and Dr Anthony Youn. So me and the hubs will see both and make the big decision.
I am thinking i want an augmentation,TT, and lipo of the flanks,hips and thighs.
Cant wait to get this process going!

Updated on 11 Mar 2016:
I am getting excited to meet my first Dr….And a little nervous too. As I mentioned I have 5 kids…. ranging in age from 13 to 3, a busy husband who travels, and a boat load of responsibilities to keep our house running. We have no family within 4 states of us and I’m just starting to worry about how we are going to do this. I also wonder what I’ll say to my children…any recommendations out there? My 6,4,&3 year olds won’t really get it BUT my 12 and 13 year old certainly will. (13= boy,12=girl) I just want (especially my oldest daughter) not to start to question her body because mom is unhappy with hers! 🙁
Here are a few more before pics
Meet with the doc Tuesday! Wish me luck!

Updated on 16 Mar 2016:
Yesterday I met with Dr Danielle Deluca-Pytell….and I liked her A LOT! I know I should probably meetmet with another doc to two, bit I felt super comfortable with her and I felt confident in her abilities. I don’t really know what more I would be liking for. Am I crazy?? Or have any of you gone with the first and only doctor you saw?
The examination was pretty embarrassing I have to say…I wasn’t quite prepared for that. I have never had anyone grab on to my rolls and squish them all around. Or squeeze my boobs like a pancake and measure them. But all for a good cause right! Haha!
I felt and tried on implants and think I’ll be going with silicone implants under the muscle. I have asymmetry so one implant will be bigger than the other. I was surprised how big the sizes felt. I definitely came in thinking (based on reading reviews and seeing pics on here) that I would want something around 400cc’s. However, I am pretty sure I will be sticking to 350 on my smaller side and only 300cc’s on the other.
She said I was a fantastic candidate for a tummy tuck and I would get a really great really result. She did say however, which really surprised me, that she did not recommend lipo. She said I already had an hour glass and a figure others were trying to achieve and that lipo could potentially change that and make me look out of proportion. That made me feel good to know that she wasn’t trying to force or encourage unneeded procedures on me…even ones that I was asking for and ready to pay for.
My appointment with Dr Youn isn’t until the end of April, so I’m really torn whether I should even go or not

Updated on 21 Mar 2016:
I did it! I did it! I am so nervous i could puke…but, i did it!
Surgery is scheduled for the 20th of April! It is so close! I hope ill be ready! My in laws are coming this weekend for Easter and staying the following week, then we are taking our whole family to Jamaica for spring break. Then the week after that is SURGERY!
I want to do it more than anything, so I’m excited for sure! Just nervous for my little ones and hubby. Its such a long time to be out of commision. I dont want the mom guilt weighing in on me.
I guess its time for me to throw myself into researching everything i can about leading up to surgery. I want to be prepared as possible! Any tips?

Updated on 23 Mar 2016:
Okay, so I am officially OBSESSED with everything surgery related! I have been spending every free second on this site or my surgeons looking at pics, reading stories, or scouring the forums and Q&A sections.
My husband is out of town right now, so I thought I’d try to start calling around to the medical equipment rental places. I was going to rent a reclining lift chair, walker, and a shower bench. However I have learned that no place rents shower chairs/benches…they are for sale only, and lift chairs are pretty scarce too, like one sales associate put it….it’s hard to get the pee stains and smell out! I immediately called my husband, completely grossed out, who had wanted a recliner for the past 10 years and said, we’ll babe…I guess you are going to get your wish! I personally detest the look of a recliner, most are just plain ugly….but I will forgo the lift option and we will be recliner shopping this weekend! lol!
I did also find that Walgreens sells walkers, shower benches, and something I didn’t even think of, but a toilet seat riser. I can purchase all 3 for under 100.
Although, I called my PS office to see if maybe they had a recommendation of a rental place that was more for cosmetic patients verses nursing home patients, and they actual said they didn’t feel any of the things I mentioned were necessary.
Please someone with experience, if you are reading this, what is your take? What would you say are must haves?

Updated on 1 Apr 2016:
So, yesterday was my Pre-op appointment. My husband was able to come with me which was nice. I signed all my papers, paid my surgery in full, got my scripts, and took all sorts of lovely embarrassing pictures in front of a blue screen.
I tried on sizers again and decided to up it to 375 and 325. Hopefully I made the right decision. I want to look full but I don’t want to create a heavy looking top to my body, especially since I have always carried more weight in the bottom half (hips and thighs)
We also re-discussed lipo…I really feel like I need it, but she insists it will take away from my natural curves and shape. She said we can revisit the idea if I’m really not happy afterward….but she kept reassuring me that the surgery was really going to be great for me and I would get a really great result. I don’t want to turn into a surgery junkie and I also want to be realistic…I know I will never a super skinny model with 6 ft long legs. I need to remember my body will probably NEVER be “perfect” in my eyes, and that what I’m really fed up with is what I fixing.
Now…time to get ready and focus on our trip to Jamaica!!
I will post again maybe right before surgery day and include a few more before pics! Good luck to all those getting ready for your day and to those in the healing process as we speak, happy recovery!

Updated on 17 Apr 2016:
I can’t believe only week week until surgery!
Jamaica was amazing! We had such a great time. It was a nice distraction to keep my mind off things!
I got a few things in the mail that I ordered and will use this week to finish up all my errands and preparations. We also got a couple recliners. I had them put one downstairs and one up in our bedroom for when I feel comfortable climbing them. Anyone else have a bedroom on the second level? What did you do? How did it feel climbing the stairs? I also bought a shower chair, a walker, and a toilet seat riser. Amazon has also been busy delivering Arnica and bromelain supplements and creams, gauze pads, Neosporin ointments, straws, comfy granny panties, a lanyard for my drains, stool softeners and milk of magnesia, a pill container,and some front closing nightgowns…..I think that is it, lol!
I had my land and mammogram done last week, still need to grab my prescriptions though. I need to do some foods prep and nail down some help for a few things for the kids and their activities.
I think I’m ready. I just this week goes quickly so I can stop stressing!

Updated on 22 Apr 2016:
Y’all…I’m freaking out! 2.5 days until surgery! I just got the call from the hospital confirming arrival time, along with a few final instructions. I am starting to have major MAJOR anxiety. This is normal right? I think if I wasn’t in so deep, I would go running for the hills right about now. I’m scared you guys!
Talk me off the ledge! It’s worth it right?….right? Maybe I need to go look in the mirror and remember exactly why I’m doing this!

Updated on 25 Apr 2016:
Keeping it super quick cause I’ll probably fall asleep mid sentance! But, sugery was a SUCESS! And first trip to pee was no joke! Jello legs!
Hubby went home for the night while i stay here at the hospital. And i am currently drinking my dinner, a little chicken broth.
I’ll see if tommorow I’m a little more with it and give you the full scoop!

Updated on 26 Apr 2016:
Well, it is over!
My surgery was yesterday…I got to the hospital at 6:15 and before I knew it it was time to get started! They gave me a little relax cocktail in my IV and I didn’t even remember being wheeled back. Surgery was about 6 hours. My surgeon said she was able to go higher and lower on my skin removal and she removed just shy of 5lbs. I woke up in recovery definitely feeling like I had just been in surgery…but nothing a little pain medication couldn’t take care of. By the time I got placed in my room it was around 4. I was able to get up and go to the bathroom pretty much right away…although I was VERY wobbly. I was on a liquid diet and ate a little “dinner”
I sent my husband home to sleep and relieve our nanny. I was up and down all night to pee and to walk my required hallway walks! 🙂
Pain has been tolerable. I’m keeping on top of my meds though. In my opinion my drain sites are the most sore aside from the straight up muscle pain from my repair and then my pecks from my implants. I was discharged at little after 12 today and have been home recovering since. I haven’t taken my binders off..not even for a quick peek…So no pictures yet. I’m just too tired and sore, too much effort right now! lol!
Thanks everyone for your support!

Updated on 27 Apr 2016:
Day 2
I have been sleeping TONS! My recliner has been a God send! I am taking it completely easy only getting up to go to the bathroom, get my self water, or just the stretch my legs and keep my circulation going.
I got curious and snapped a couple pics. I am so hunched over it isn’t funny. At this point I can’t even imagine standing up straight. The girls are riding pretty high, they look like torpedoes lol! But good thing I read up and know they will settle in eventually. My tt incision is super low and I’m very excited about that.
Overall, so far today has been a Good day. I’m eating light…protein shakes and crackers or toast, but I’m not especially hungry so it’s plenty

Updated on 28 Apr 2016:
Hey ladies, well here I am at day 3 already! I am happy to report I feel so much better than I thought I would at this point! I sure hope to continue on this path! I am making sure to get up the bare minimum and resting a ton. Last night I only woke up once as compared to waking up every one to two hours the two previous nights. I’m not messing around with my medication either, I’m staying right on top of it, taking it before I’m in pain. I also took a nice refreshing shower today. It felt great. I still have iodine and markings all over my body that would not come off…but at least I feel clean! I’m walking a little faster (still a snail’s pace lol) but I am still very bent at the waist, so my back is in pain. I think it might be awhile before I’m comfortable standing, it literally feels like I would rip in half.
I snapped a few new pictures, boobs are settling a bit (one side faster than the other…but that’s okay) Overall, even with the swelling and lopsideness I am super happy!
I could have cried when I sat on my shower chair and looked down and didn’t have a belly flopping on my legs. This surgery is definitely going to be worth it!

Updated on 30 Apr 2016:
Well day four was official terrible, I felt so down and awful all day. I stopped the pain meds because I was so miserable from not being able to poop! Sorry, I know tmi, but I was dying! Happy to say it worked but Tylenol alone has left me in more pain than I was ready for. I really really questioned my decision in doing the surgery. I got nasty with my husband because I was so frustrated, luckily he knew my emotions were going to be all over the place!
Today, day 5, I am better, not great, but better….I am just super super swollen and I guess while I knew there would be swelling I didn’t think it would be like this. I took another shower today, and I did it all by myself (with my husband close by just in case) and that made me feel better. I am also having a much easier time getting up and down, so that has been better. I am really really having a hard time with the way my stomach feels. I feel like someone cut off someone esles stomach and Frankenstein’d it on mine. I feel an itch and go to scratch and it’s like I’m touching someone else. It is such a creepy feeling. I just hate feeling so down. Recovery is hard. I hope it gets better!

Updated on 2 May 2016:
Can’t believe it’s been a whole week, it has both flown, and dragged. But one thing I know is I am feeling a whole heck of a lot better! 🙂 My emotions have finally (hopefully….I know this process I’d a rollercoaster ride) settled and I am feeling much more like myself! Tomorrow is my first post op and I am excited to get out of the house for a little bit! I am a doer and always on the go. It has been tough to be sidelined! I think that is what brought on the emotional crazies for a couple days, I just hate feeling so helpless or burdensome. Third shower today and this completely on my own from start to finish and I even felt like checking out the new boobs! I tried on an old bikini top and I have to say, I’m pretty excited!

Updated on 6 May 2016:
I repeat….My drains are OUT! ****HAPPY HAPPY DANCE***** So happy to get my drains out today! Hopefully I can avoid the dreaded seroma! I am totally still swollen…to the point I have a slight overhang above the incision on my left side…and I have what I have heard others lovingly refer to as kengina (bahaha, that one still cracks me up…but if ya got it, you know what I’m talking about) BUT I am finally feeling well and like myself again and can see the light at the end of the tunnel! This is one crazy process, but I keep reminding myself of that gut that I had to tuck into to all my pants, that gut that prohibited me from wearing many a cute outfit because it created unsightly bumps and lumps. I just can’t wait to see where I am in the next few weeks and months! This is not for the weak minded, girls…It takes a lot of strength and a lot of keeping your “eye on the prize” mentality! But, I’m staying to feel a little taste of the freedom of being released from the constant wishing I could change this and that about my body…cause guess what….I DID IT! 🙂 🙂

Updated on 9 May 2016:
Two weeks ago at this very time I was just getting settled in my room after surgery….Today I was up walking around fairly well, picked my kids up from school, and even folded some laundry! I keep saying it, but the human body is pretty amazing! It’s just crazy! I’m feeling pretty good! First getting out of my surgical bra and then getting the drains out, and finally the intense pain I was having under my left breast subsiding….I finally felt like doing a little comparison photography session! lol! I go back for another post op appointment on Wednesday. Until then happy healing to all my girls!

Updated on 12 May 2016:
My surgeon gave me copies of my before pics yesterday as per my request (I knew they’d be a true representation of my body before) Let me just say I an so happy to have these because I can truly look back and see what a crazy transformation my body had actually been through. I am SUPER happy with my results!

Updated on 18 May 2016:
Nothing really to report. Next time I go in for an appointment is a week from tomorrow, hopefully then I will be cleared for scar treatment. I still have quite a few spots on my incision line that are scabbed….So hopefully in the next week those week heal completely. The boobs are pretty pain free, I’ll get a twinge every once in awhile, or feel heaviness when I lean over (still feels very strange, like I’ve stuffed my bra with rocks) The only thing I am seeing is a possible revision of some sort in my future on my tummy…it is more prevalent on my left but is also on the right and that is skin/fat that I can pinch above my incision line. It’s good when standing but when I sit, I’m not too happy. I really don’t know if I should just try to drop a few lbs and see if that resolves it or what….I get that I don’t weigh 100lbs (or ever will) BUT I don’t want anything bubbling over where it shouldn’t be 🙁 Here are some progress pics from today though….I honestly can’t complain overall…I’m still so happy I went through with everything!

Updated on 28 May 2016:
4 weeks 4 days and first date night with the hubby since surgery! I felt AMAZING!

Updated on 4 Jun 2016:
So last night I dragged my husband to Victoria’s Secret so I could be re-sized and try on new bras and swim suits. I have dreaded suit shopping my ENTIRE life and for the first time in….EVER….I felt confidant standing in a swim suit. It was surreal! Also, I was “reevaluated” at a 36 DOUBLE D girls! I thought she made a mistake for sure and was convinced when she brought all the bad for me to try on I was going to be swimming in them. But they fit and looked amazing! SOOO, almost 300 buck-a-roos later we walked out! lol Also, super excited to ditch my binder on Monday, as I will be 6 weeks! On a down note …..because let’s face it….everything can’t always be perfect….I am pretty sure I have dog ears 🙁 So that sucks butt…..and I know I’m still early in recovery in the scheme of things but I think I might need a revision for extra skin removal. I’ll take pics later, but when I sit, I now have a slight roll again! It’s like the skin is relaxing or something. I’m kinda upset, but then I battle myself because I see SUCH a great improvement, should I really be complaining?? But then I think, well I did pay 15 grand, I would like to be completely satisfied right…..But then I think, well even normal people have a little roll….ugh! I’ll just ride it out and give myself 6 months before I really start freaking, I don’t really want anymore surgery! Oooh gosh, I almost forgot….I went to Zumba yesterday! It felt so good to move again! I was surprised how well I felt! Hope all you girls are doing well on your journeys!

Updated on 4 Jun 2016:
So literally no sooner than right after I hit the post button, I went and tried on one of my new bras for my husband…as I was taking it off I liked in the mirror and saw that my right boob looks deformed. It is my bigger implant and wasn’t doing as quickly, but now I’m freaked the [RS bleep] out! Is this the beginning of a double bubble? It bottoming out?

Updated on 20 Jun 2016:
Hey hey! Well, I’m at 8 weeks already! I’m feeling really great. I have another post op appt on Thursday, but thithus farI would say things are going picture perfect. I found out the thing going I with my right boob was just settling from the tubular release they did. So thankful because I had talked myself into thinking it was all sorts of terrible things!
I took a few updated pics and honestly it made me pretty excited to see the comparison. It’s crazy how are mind work, I swear I’ve been so down on myself lately because I haven’t been eating great and not being able to workout the way I like, I just felt like I had gone through all this for nothing. It’s just so nice to have pictures so I can convince my brain that is RIDICULOUS! LOL!
Anyway, hope everyone is well!


Breast Reduction
11 months ago
Best Decision I’ve Made

To start….
34 years old, mother of 1, 5’4 160’lbs. I had breast implants placed when I was 19, and over the years/childbearing/weight gain, my breasts went up to an uncomfortable 36E. I HATED my breasts. Every day when I’d have to dress, every time my shoulders and neck ached, every time I couldn’t exercise comfortably – it made me want to get a reduction.

I’ve been wanting my implants out for close to 10 years, just never had the time and money. I finally decided to just do it because I knew it would improve my quality of life – and I was 100% right. I cannot express how relieved I am to be able to wear a shirt and not feel like my boobs are entering a room before I do. I can breathe. I know once I heal, exercise will be much easier.

My surgeon, Dr. Deluca-Pytell was excellent. I can’t say enough good about her or her office. I was originally supposed to have the procedure (implant removal & reduction) done a year ago, but I found out I was pregnant a week before surgery. She and her office were so helpful and accommodating, and when I was ready to have it done finally they picked right back up. I’m a nurse and around physicians all the time, and she far and away has the best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced. She made me feel like I was talking to a friend and the scary, clinical situation was made so much more calm. If you’re looking for a surgeon in the metro Detroit area, I’d highly, highly recommend her.

I’m only 4 days post-op but the incisions look great. I’m bruised and sore, but it was way less painful than I anticipated. If you’re considering if this will make you feel better and improve your life, I can attest to the fact that it will.


Sculptra Aesthetic
2 years ago
I can’t say enough about my great experiences and highly recommend Dr. DeLuca Pytell.

Dr. DeLuca Pytell is a warm, kind, patient, highly skilled & talented surgeon who carefully listens, responsibly offers, and ecucates her patients about the best, most advanced, safest procedures available for each personal situation. I can’t say enough about my great experiences and highly recommend Dr. DeLuca Pytell.


Breast Reduction
3 years ago
Consummate professional, skilled surgeon, outstanding communication

I researched plastic surgeons in the metro-Detroit area in preparation for having a breast reduction. I selected Dr. DeLuca-Pytell after reviewing online evaluations, talking to colleagues, and reviewing her educational preparation. When I met her, she immediately put me at ease, provided excellent descriptions of the procedure, risks, potential benefits, and expected outcomes. My pre-op visit and my interactions with her the day of surgery were unparalleled. Dr. DeLuca-Pytell ensured my privacy, gave excellent post-op care instructions, and advised me to call any time of day or night with questions. I have had two post-op visits so far and she spends adequate time and, addresses all questions. I could not be more pleased with the actual outcomes of this surgery or with this physician and her excellent interpersonal as well as surgical skills! Bravo!


3 years ago
Talented surgeon, wonderful bedside manner

Dr DeLuca Pytell was wonderfully calm, professional and collected at my consultation with her. She very kindly sensed some anxiety I was having about one of the procedures, and suggested I think it over before following through. I could have easily been pressured into something I wasn’t 100% about. For the procedure I did have done, she did a far better job than a prior provider. I will absolutely return to Dr DeLuca for future needs, and cannot recommend her more.


Breast Augmentation
4 years ago
My experience could not be improved upon.

I was worried about having my first surgery, but it couldn’t have been easier. Unasource was a great surgery center and did everything to insure my comfort. Dr. Deluca-Pytell was patient and understanding of my needs. I highly recommend her could not be happier.


Tummy Tuck
4 years ago
30 Years Old. 5′, 127 Lbs. One Child, C-section.

After having a c-section 10 years ago,
I have never been able to get my pre-baby body back. The skin on my abdomen had lost all elasticity and no matter how much I exercised or dieted, it just looked horrible. After consulting with a few surgeons, I came to terms that a tummy tuck was my last resort.

Updated on 9 May 2017:
Five weeks post op and slowly starting to feel more normal. The incision is healing nicely and the swelling is starting to go down. I’ve been measuring my waist line and in the last two weeks alone, it has gone down 2″. My belly button still has swelling but I have been massaging it, as the surgeon advised and it’s starting to suck in and become a deeper “innie.” I’m excited to see what’s to come.

Updated on 2 Jun 2017:
So, I’m 9 weeks post op and I am so entirely happy with the choice I have made. I started using Silagen scar therapy strips around 6 weeks post op, so I will assess the progress of lightening the scar over time. My tummy is super flat, even with some swelling still noted. I will continue to wear compression garment until I feel comfortable not wearing it anymore. ????

Updated on 10 Sep 2017:


Breast Implants
4 years ago
Breast Augmentation – Troy, MI

I have always disliked my breasts. Despite having a B/C cup, my breast shape is awkward. I have no fullness at the top and a lot of fullness on the bottom. My breasts aren’t proportional to the rest of my body and I have considered BA for the longest time. This was my third consult; I guess the third time is the charm!

The first two consults were less than stellar. I felt like they barely looked at my body and just chose what size implant for me based on my preferences. Dr. Deluca-Pytell is amazing. She apologized for running late which was nice because most docs won’t even acknowledge their tardiness. She thoroughly went over my health history and explained all the possible choices (type of implant, incision, size, etc).

Then she did multiple measurements of my breasts, did a breast exam, and let me try on bras with multiple sizes of implants. I was very impressed and she made me feel very much at ease. She asked if I had questions multiple times and was very accommodating. I will be scheduling my surgery with her, will update at that time.

Updated on 11 Jan 2017:
I was the first case of the day had it at the hospital. I initially wondered about a nerve block but then decided not to do it this morning. Dr. Deluca-Pytell came in around 7:30 and drew on my chest. Everyone was so nice and really treated me like a queen.

My family member was notified that I cam out of surgery around 9:30 am, a total of 90 minutes for the surgery. I woke up around 10:10 and I felt great! The CRNA did a great job, I had no nausea and I didn’t feel super groggy. I had some ice chips, water, and they gave me a tiny bit of Fentanyl IVP and then one Norco before discharging me home at 11:00 am.

I’m not in much pain, it just feels like a tight, heaviness in my chest. The muscle relaxant really helped because I lift heavy weights and my pectorals were quite developed. I’ve had no nausea, only took a little nap, went for a walk, and generally feel pretty great for just having major surgery.

I haven’t looked much at my breasts since they are in the special bra but from what I can see they look lovely, not to swollen and there has been no blood. The incisions are tiny so I think the scars should fade quickly. I will update with photos on Friday when I take off the bra to shower.


Breast Implants
5 years ago
Nicki Minaj Back-up Dancer Extremely Happy with Dr. Danielle Deluca-Pytel

Dr. Danielle Deluca-Pytell was the best choice I could have made!

I am a 30 year old professional dancer living and working in Los Angeles. With 400ccs round silicone gel implants I went from an AA cup to a 34C/32D. Her knowledge, talent, skillful technique, patience and genuine spirit made me feel confident & secure with no unanswered questions before & after surgery. She listens and gives great advice. She also helped me pick everything from the perfect implant type and size to comfortable, affordable post op bras & other post surgical dressings.

Dr. Deluca-Pytell has a professional demeanor and conservative approach with a twist! She is always fashionable & fashionably on time. The office is very nice, clean & comfortable. Whenever going for an appointment the staff was extremely flexible and polite. When I saw her I never had to wait, I only waited to see what cute outfit she would wear next!

It’s obvious that Dr. Deluca-Pytell uses precision & care in all that she does. All in which I am sure contributed to my fast, healthy recovery and great results. She was the best choice! I am a very happy breast augmentation patient. I highly & excitingly recommend her!


Breast Implant Revision
6 years ago
Second Time Around with 425cc HP Silicone – New Troy, MI

I had my first BA in 2007 with 300cc moderate profiles. I wanted a change as the saline implants were hard and small and I could feel rippling. This time around I decided to go with silicone implants as I have read they feel softer and have a better look. The PS I have is amazing! She took a lot of time explaining the differences between the implants and suggest that I go with 425cc HP silicone implants. She felt I was looking for more projection. I tried on several different implants and was torn between 425 and 525. I decided to go with the 425 as my PS said I have a small frame and felt that would be best for me. I am now 10 days post op and actually wishing I had went with the 525cc. I love the projection, softness and the fullness of my new implants, I also have some cleavage going on but I do not like the size.
My healing was very different compared to the first time around. I have actually had very little pain. My first time I went through the umbilical and that was very painful. My abdomen actually hurt worse than my breasts. I am very happy that I went with the incision under the breast. Another difference I have noticed this time around is that I am actually very emotional. I just do not like the size I choose and I will be seeing my surgeon tomorrow to discuss this with her. My husband says I look great and says that these implants are bigger and look so much better compared to the previous one which looked like to grapefruits on my chest. Maybe I am not seeing what he is or he is just being nice. Regardless I know that it is to soon after my BA to judge the final results, so I guess I will have to be patient.

Updated on 1 Jul 2015:
These photos were taken at my Ps office. So my before is with 300cc moderate salines under the muscle done in 2007. My after pic is done with hp 425cc silicones under the muscle. I was in a small “c” cup before and now I still fit in the same bra but I fill the bra out more. I am 5ft 7inch tall. I weigh approximately 130 pounds. My Ps measured my diameter at 12inches.

Updated on 5 Aug 2015:
So my husband and I went on a vacation/road trip which is what I needed so I could clear my head and stop thinking about my augmentation. We started in Chicago and made it to our final destination, Graceland in Memphis Tennessee. I have always wanted to visit Graceland and my hubby surprised me with this part of our trip. So to prepare for my trip (bc I was approx. 4 weeks post op), I brought a boob pillow (which was a neck pillow I manipulated between the seat belt and my boobs) and purchased the most comfy and amazing bralettes by Nordstrom. I absolutely love these bralettes and the staff there is amazing.
What I didn’t expect to experience on our trip was that the jiggling of my silicones would become irritating. At first I thought it was the bralette rubbing, so I took that off and was just wearing a tank top. Thankfully it was pitch black dark out on the road in the mountains of Arkansas, because I resorted to even stripping off my top. The under portion of my breast (especially my right) was down right painful and at this point I didn’t care if I was flashing the world. It was actually freeing LOL. Anyhow I kept my shirt near me so I could cover up if need be, but my hubby enjoyed the show. Mind you with my previous saline implants I never experienced jiggling/movement. It was almost like they were fixed/glued onto my chest.
So we visited Graceland and I was doing great! No pain, I wasn’t tired. I was ready to go see the sights! I wore what I called my boobie tank top. Very low cut and cute. I was prepared to show my new set of jugs off. My husband said to me that I looked amazing and how much better this pair looked. They do look so much better than what I had previously and I am getting used to how they actually move/jiggle. I have cleavage now and that is exciting to me. I never had cleavage before so its fun to see. I do look different in tank tops now. I can wear a tank top with the built in bra now and see a difference if I compare before and after pics.
So I am 7 weeks post op now. I am feeling good, very minimal discomfort. I do have times that I seem to lose feeling in my nipples and other times my nipples are hypersensitive. The under portion of my breast are still numb most of the time. If I wear a triangular bikini top for too long I feel an irritation as the top rubs with movement and I can see a red irritation mark were it rubs. To remedy this I bought a bathing suit top that does not tie around my neck. It has straps like a bra does and if I am at home wearing it, I do not close the back of it just so its not constricting. I also took out the underwires because they were uncomfortable for 1and 2 I am not supposed to wear underwires yet.
I had my postop visit with my PS. I had to order a compression strap bc the left breast is dropping slowly. My right has dropped and looks so much fuller and better than the left. I hope the left catches up in time because I actually like they way the right one looks.
Things I have learned with my revision: If I decide to undergo another augmentation, I will go with my gut feeling on what size I want. I will not be scared of the actual # of cc’s.
Next time, I would purchase the sizer garment to wear at home so I can get an actual feel of what is comfortable to me.
I will have wish pics (I didn’t think to do this).
I will research this website. I did not find this site until after my augmentation.
And for all of my friends out there who have ADHD a word of advise/caution. If you are taking Adderall, please note that it intensifies pain! I did not know this at all. I found this out by calling my pharmacist to see if I could take a Norco after taking my Adderall. I was feeling great one day and decided that I needed to focus and took an Adderall. About 2 hours latter my breasts became extremely painful. I called the pharmacist to make sure that I could take my pain meds after taking my Adderall. He then educated me on the fact that it increases pain, but I could take the Norco. Just thought I would share this with you.
So I am accepting my new body now. I am still a little disappointed with the size, but I think that compared to what I had before, my breasts look 100% better. I have gotten sized at Nordstrom’s and the woman said I was a 36D. I was a C cup before. So I did gain a full cup size. I really do not think that I look like a D cup, but I do fill out that bra size nicely. I guess what I am seeing in the mirror is different. I wonder if someone else has experienced this?
Sorry for the long review, but it feels good to be able to share my experience. I hope it helps someone out.


Eyelid Surgery
6 years ago
Very Pleased

It was definitely more uncomfortable than I anticipated. The numbness and itchiness were the worst part. Trying to sleep with your head elevated is also a challenge if you’re not accustomed to sleeping on your back. It was surprising how quickly they healed. I was able to return to work after 10 days and able to cover the remaining bruising with make-up. It does take a number of months to see the full result. They are looking better all the time. I’m very pleased.


Eyelid Surgery
6 years ago
Eye Lids Were Sagging over my Eyes.

As someone approaching 50, I started to notice my upper eyelids sagging over my eyes. This gave me a very tired look. I am in a profession where I am very motivated and enthusiastic. I wanted to look the way I felt. I have to say, after the procedure, I actually feel more energetic because I look wide eyed and awake – not tired and worn out. I could not be happier. This was definitely worth it. It was just subtle enough to make me look refreshed, but not drastic enough where everyone was shocked when they saw me. Perfect!


Breast Lift with Implants
6 years ago
39yrs Old 2kids 5’2″ 150lbs, got Mentor round smooth silicone memory gel HP 450 Right 425 Left under muscle.

So I went to meet my PS today had my consult I was really hoping I could get away with no lift but not so much it’s definitely needed to help enhance my implants and achieve the look I’m going for. For this appointment we did one sizer just to give me a idea of what’s to come, to my surprise she gave me 250cc of course they looked bigger but that’s hardly how they will turn out.. In my mind I want 325 the very least?!?! I’m definitely going saline, smooth, under muscle, thinking on moderate or mod + so in the mean time I will try to get the nerve to post pre-op pics my next appt: 4-28 I have a bit to consider it. I’m booked for May 11th I’m super excited I’ve wanted this since my son was born 21yrs ago then even more so after my daughter she’s 14yrs …. I can’t believe Iim actually & finally getting my girls looking normal.

Updated on 19 Apr 2015:
I went for my biopsy April 15th I needed 3 areas to be checked.. Scary!! Well of course you go in thinking the procedure is going to be awful other than thinking the worst of outcomes.. The procedure was a breeze… I didn’t feel the needle for numbing, that means the tool used to get samples was no problem either, all in all the procedure it’s self was definitely painless.. I was called the following Friday 17th with the all clear to have my BL/BA thank goodness I can go back to feeling excited about my new girls… I will be posting before pics after my pre-op appt 28th of April.
Updated on 28 Apr 2015:
I’m going to pre-op 4-28 finalizing size going for 350cc to 450cc silicone, unders, moderate plus, round not sure about smooth or textured?? I think textured is best for me seens how I’m having BL-BA so I’m already at risk of sagging & dropping. Ok so I’m posting first time before pics of my very own sad girls only 2 cuz for some reason they are upside down? Will try to get more before actual date May 11t!!! I have many wish pics.!.!.!.

Updated on 2 May 2015:
Ok ladies no turning back now.!.!. ???????? ????
I wouldn’t anyway I have wanted this since My first ???????? 1993 every since then I’ve been putting ???? away little by little… Dr. Is paid in full, pre-op on the 28th Tried on sizers for a final decision.!.!. Well that day I chose Mentor 400cc sili, round smooth, Mod + , under… I get home and I can’t stop thinking about what is the Max CC’s for my body dimensions?? Only because I know you loose a bit from breast lift & going behind the muscle.!.!. So I called the next morning to ask an was told 475cc? Well I decided on 450CC’s… I was told with that size and the breast tissue I have will make for a really nice upper pole and fullness I’m lookin for.. I’m so excited & nervous all at the same time, like I’m putting my body image in someone else’s hands literally.!.!.!.!. I got a really good vibe from my PS you just know you found the right person to give you the look and confidence that’s been missing all these years…,l still have to pay surgery center!! scripts are filled, Got some SinEnchh, my wedge, of course any & all loose lounge cloths, stool softners gel caps & milk of magnesia just in case gel caps don’t work with in a few days stocked up on lots of water, got snacks to munch on while I’m laid up, catching up on all house work & laundry,….. I ordered an xtr compression bra and I found this really neat cold / hot breast compress w/shoulder straps from I think it’s going to work out pretty good.. Tried a dry run with it laid on couch propped on wedge put compress on my chest it’s got great coverage.. Sorry for the story I just wrote!! Lol must be my nerves and coffee this AM
So this should be it for now.! I will update day of surgery and of course post some before & after pics…. Oh I’ll apologize now if these pics are upside down.!.!. Don’t know why??? Ok happy healings to the ladies who have came out on the other side, and best of luck to the ones getting ready for their BIG DAY.!.!.!.

Updated on 11 May 2015:
Oh my gosh it’s here today is the big day.!.!.! I didn’t sleep at all now I’m feeling a little bit sleepy… This is so strange me going in to fix my boobies something I thought I would never be able to have done.. All thanks to my awesome Husband love him to pieces.

Updated on 12 May 2015:
I need some ladies who have had the surgery to tell me if being so swelled & tight is normal?? I have read many stories I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say how tight this feels.!.! Like I know it’s gona happen I guess I didn’t expect it to feel this tight… Ima call PS tomarrow an make sure this is on the normal side..,

Updated on 13 May 2015:

Updated on 18 May 2015:
Hi ladies, hope all is well with those of you on the other side of perky and to those who haven’t made it yet best wishes we will see you soon… Ok, so I’m feeling better today not so much pressure “engorged” feeling.!.! Off the pain meds, range of motion is much better, I haven’t noticed any dropping yet my girls are still riding high clear up to my collar bones..?¿?
I have a PO Tomarrow hoping she tells me I can massage them and maybe give me a strap to get these girls to relax settle in & possibly allowing me to wear a sports bra also I ordered a post surgical bra taking it with me to see if it’s ok to wear… Lol this is awkward usually I have much to say an today I’m at a lose for things to write about.?.?.? Here’s a question anyone of you experience sore ribs under your breast afterwards? I weighed myself the other day! Oh man as soon as I’m cleared to go ride stationary at the gym I’m there.. I’m so very happy to have found this site, I really enjoy everyone’s stories and thru this if one person feels any information shared has helped than I’m happy….

Updated on 19 May 2015:
Went really well I’m able to change bras now, they just can’t be constricting more of sleep bra, or coobie type, no wires soft that won’t leave any tight markings. PS suggested for now a ointment called Aquaphor maid by “Eucerin” can pick this up at Rite Aide, Walgreen, meijer it’s basically to help soften my skin an keep incision soft to allow for what’s left of swelling an crazy tightness definitely not as bad so now I know everyday will get better.. Other than that it almost appeared she was a lil bit takin back by how good I felt, I looked good, boobies are doin really well, anchor lift & augmentations are hard to even out trying to take away skin at the same time evening them up for implants not to big not to small… So that’s it for now next appointment is May 29th and I’m gona try hard to remember to post weekly pics… Thank you to all the ladies for sharing and bearing, for truth & threw difficult times this has helped me so so much..

Updated on 25 May 2015:
Wow what a difference between week one & two!.!.! Have another PO comin up on the 28th I’m gona really need her to say it’s ok for me to work out.. I’m having a bit of a hard time finding something that’s comfy for my girls.!.! They seem to be a bit picky on any garment I put on them.?.? They like to be free that’s when they feel the best most relaxed… I’m afraid if I let that happen to often I don’t want to see sag anytime soon after I went through all this & spent that kinda money…. I’m not spending a lot of money for a bra just yet… So other than that issue everything else seems to be doing really good..? Softening, drop some, incision look good.

Updated on 26 May 2015:
I noticed about a week after surgery that I was sore to the touch under my breast rite on the ribs, I can’t really explain what it feels like though… These are also very tender to touch.. I hope you can see what I’m talking about in these pics.

Updated on 26 May 2015:

Updated on 1 Jun 2015:
3wks an counting every week there are changes.!.! Only bad thing I can talk about is my body is spitting couple stitches around my areola incisions.!.! Not painful just not attractive!.!.! Lefty is bigger than Righty I’m not worried she will catch up… All in all the healing process is going very well.. Thank you, to all you ladies who have shared your stories and helped answer questions or gave words of encouragement or a simple compliment is always nice!! I really appreciate being a part of Realself without it I’m sure I would have driven my husband bat crap crazy by now, I don’t know anybody who has had BL/BA or any elective surgery this has been so helpful… So for some reason I can’t load pics at the moment darn it.!.! I will try Again later I hope I can.. PO this Thursday if there is anything major I will post until than I’m starting to very sleepy TTYL Pictures at a later time darn it all keep getting this error when trying to download pics

Updated on 2 Jun 2015:

Updated on 5 Jun 2015:
Basically left is dropping pretty well on her own but right is riding high, PS showed me how to press down on righty to help settle her in but it’s hard to do makes my arm hurt?.?.? She said have your husband help? Lol that didn’t go over so well he says that makes him nervous?? She says I’m doing really good for just over the 3wk mark, needless to say I have a appt in 2wks if no real change then I’ll have to wear a band to make them go down.. From what I’ve read them are not very comfy? But if that’s what it takes then that’s what I’m gona do.!.! Even if I have to wear it 24/7

Updated on 8 Jun 2015:
Well from last week to this week hasn’t been to much of anything as far as changes…. I’ve been working with my right breast trying to help her drop!!! I started back to the gym my BF since 7th grade has been goin with me an I love it, we have so much fun laughing.!.!.! I’m only allowed on stationary machines that’s fine with me, an her too so it works out great. Really strange I kinda don’t have much to say.?.?.? No complaints no changes to speak of, lol is this considered good rite now at 1 month.?.?.? I mean I love these new girls I can’t stop looking an sometimes touching them just because I can and I’m totally amazed about how they look & feel.!.!.! Well maybe next week @ 5wks I’ll have good news about dropping? As always thank you ladies for being a good friend and bein truthfull, honest with any questions, statements I may have and in return I like to catch up with your stories…

Updated on 17 Jun 2015:
Still worried about my girls being different sizes for now!! I see my PS 6-18 I will probably end up with a band to help them.

Updated on 10 Jul 2015:
Hi ladies, it’s been awhile since i posted any updates.!.! Thought I would give some time to see how much the girls have changed/healed.!.! Went thru a spitting stitches stage, left areola & nipple are still numb?? Seeing my PS on the 14th.!.! I’m still waiting for the Right girl to feel & look like her twin lefty! Been a slow process but she’s gettin there.!.! Started using scar gel almost 2wks ago..

Updated on 12 Aug 2015:
Can’t believe it’s been 3 months already! Amazing results I still can’t believe these girls are mine… Ended up ordering a strap to help my right girl settle in working great.. I’m so freakin happy about this whole thing I wouldn’t change one single thing… I’m goin bra sizing & trying on different styles to see what I’m gona like very soon I’ll be posting my size, so far I’m guessing 36DDD I’m totally fine with that..

Updated on 26 Aug 2015:
Hi ladies of RS so it’s been a lil over 3months an Dr. Gave me the ok to go bra shopping woo-hoo. I measured myself an according to adore me site it suggested 38D well we all know all bras are different depends on where you go. I went to VS an grabbed a few different sizes 36DD/DDD 34DDD and the suggested 38D well my my my much to my surprise the lightly lined Demi 38D was definitely most comfortable. Tried a no wire an made them look weird!! I bought a 36DDD & 38D both fit very well. I’m just so excited, happy, all of the pluses that go along with having new girls I’ve never had bra’s fit so well not even as a young lady developing.. Made a tear come to my eyes I can bend over W/O them falling out, cloths look and feel so much better.. Can’t express the happiness enough. Thanks for all of your support, words of encouragement means the world to me.


Breast Lift with Implants
6 years ago
Madam Artiste!!!!!!!

This is what I call Dr Deluca-Pytell after she did my tummy tuck and and tightened stomach muscles after 100 lb weight loss, and I had a breast reduction in 1998 and Dr Deluca Pytell reconstructed my scars, gave me implants and at 60 years old I feel and look amazing! She took time with me to explain everything! I’m an RN and had my surgery scheduled at the hospital I work at and they wouldn’t do my stomach muscles, just wanted to get rid of excess skin. After talking with Dr. Deluca-Pytell, I cancelled my surgery at my hospital and went to Beaumont. It’s one year later and I feel and look great!!!!! Thanks Madam artiste!!!! Best bedside manner ever, she really cares!!!!!!


Breast Implants
6 years ago
Finally Beautiful Breasts After Almost 60 Years!

I am going through menopause so the little breasts I had shrunk to almost nothing. My girlfriend had very successful liposuction and she loves it. And her sister had a mommy makeover and she loved it. So I thought nothing ventured nothing gained. So after talking with her doctor I decided to take the plunge. It is one of the best things I have ever done.


Tummy Tuck
7 years ago
48 Yrs. 4 – C – Section’s /colon Resection and a Couple More Abdominal Surgeries

Thank you Dr.Deluca-Pytell. .. I’m so grateful that through all of my searches I found you!
It is a pleasure to have met you.My experience through the entire process from the beginning starting with your staff was the most pleasant and, also with you I felt like you were an olé friend , I was very comfortable with. Although it’s early I am so satisfied with my results you are not only a very good plastic surgeon ….. you are an artist! I’m looking forward to see the end results of my tummy once the swelling has gone down.i just can’t believe the work you did on my tummy tuck, even though I’m still swollen, I love it. I’m soooo great full to you.

Updated on 9 Aug 2014:
I… like to refer my T.T. To the “Deluca-Pytell” sounds much more beautiful, just like I feel about Dr.Deluca-Pytell, and howi feel about myself. I’m on day 4 post op, of my tt,(The Deluca-Pytell) and I am actually kinda “crushing” on myself. …lol…. Really, I love my results so far I’m swollen and still show a bit, but I know that at the end of this I will be ” cute-a-ful” !!
My Doctor is…. Dr.Danielle Deluca Patel and she has done a superb tt on me and I will most definitely let everyone I know to go to her for beautiful and superb work. Thank you Dr.Deluca-Pytell !!!! 🙂
Updated on 20 Aug 2014:
So, a little bit about myself. ..I’m 48 , a wife of a wonderful man (taught very well) ; ) , mom to 4 awesome kids, and an abundance of abdominal surgeries….. 4 -C-section’s, tubal reconstruction, hysterectomy, colon resection, and a few minor ones in between so my Dr. Deluca-Pytell (aka ) The D.D.P ( I’ve named my. T.T) it’s a designer name (my way of looking at it), hopefully will be my last abdominal surgery I have to endure. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m so flipping HAPPY with my results thus far, I know everyday I wakeup, I am more and more excited about my results, I’m not saying that it’s ” painless, or easy to go through, recovery is not easy…..but…I like to look at it this way: I was a blank canvas. ..well, all crinkled up, ( lol) and my P.S. was the artist and through a long and precise procedure of “remodeling” me comes a long, slow process of recovery. But I tell you this…If you are patient and do as your doctor recommends you will come out of it a “MASTER PIECE”. However, PLEASE DO YOUR HOME WORK…RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, !! This is your body, and yes…ya get what ya pay for ( my opinion). I’m on day 14 of my tt, I’ve posted some before pics along with a couple of recovery ones and,I felt like I should share a couple of pics of my “granny panties” to the rescue. ..I ended up cutting the bottom of a few pair of these oh “so sexy panties” to wear under that darn binder so as to keep the binder from irritating my incision. I’m still swollen, and I know that , that part of the recovery is most likely going to be the longest part of my recovery, however, I am loving it. ..I look…so good and I’m flipping gonna ROCK this !! 😉 Because my P.S. gave me the D.D.P.!!


7 years ago
Dr. Danielle Deluca-Pytell, Botox and Belotero

After having multiple unsatisfactory results with fillers, I have waited approx 2 1/2 years and researched many products and Physicians. On 3/14/2014 I received Botox in the upper forehead and between the brows, I needed quite a bit, thus the cost, she is like an artist. I couldn’t be more pleased.


Tummy Tuck
7 years ago
Excellent Surgeon in MICHIGAN

I was looking for a surgeon in the Detroit suburban location and wasn’t thrilled with the results I was getting for tummy tuck surgery. Dr Deluca Pytell shares an office with the well known Dr Youn and has just moved back to the Michigan area. I liked her demeanor from the beginning and continued to be impressed after surgery. This Dr seems to be like a very talented and knowledgable friend that cares about your feelings and results!! She’s the best kept secret in the Detroit metro area!!

Updated on 5 Feb 2014:


Breast Reduction
8 years ago
Valued, Respected, and Reassured with Dr. DeLuca-Pytell

I found Dr. Deluca-Pytell randomly through a search with my insurance company. I had wanted a BR ever since I was thirteen years old. My experiences as a heavy-set teenager with overly large breasts were embarrassing and scarring. I made the decision to get surgery once I began grad school about a year ago. I knew I would be more comfortable with a woman, and after reading Dr. Deluca’s bio on her website, I felt really drawn to working with her.

My surgery was exactly a week ago, and though it’s very early in the process, I have been profoundly impressed and deeply moved by her compassion, sensitivity, and down-to-earth demeanor. I immediately felt comfortable and accepted by Dr. DeLuca. After a decade of trying to justify my discomfort and low self-image due to my large breasts, Dr. DeLuca was the first person who really believed me and encouraged me from the very beginning. Once she said the magic words, “Yes, I think you’d be a good candidate”, everything changed for the better.

It’s hard to put into words how grateful and impressed I am by Dr. DeLuca-Pytell’s ability to create what I never really dreamed of having. I have a long road of recovery ahead of me, and I am trying to be patient with my healing, but knowing that Dr. DeLuca-Pytell is my ally and more than open to talking with me through this journey is so reassuring!

I highly recommend Dr. DeLuca-Pytell for BR surgery, especially if you feel overly self-conscious and wonder if anyone will ever understand what you’ve gone through!! She is, by all counts, simply wonderful.


Mother of two with Diastasis Recti, Umbilical Hernia, and saggy skin getting a tummy tuck and lipo on flanks!!

Dr. DeLuca-Pytell was very informative during my consult a week ago. She described my procedure in great detail and made me feel comfortable. After examining my midsection she suggested that I would benefit from some lipo on my flanks to give an all around better look. I was excited just to have a tummy tuck and muscle repair but on top of it lipo?! Just for a little bit more money, and it could improve my overall look! She is very understanding, straightforward,and honest. I could not be happier to have booked my surgery to be done by her! I look forward to my pre-op and my surgery!

Updated on 1 Mar 2017:
Now that I am less than one week away from my pre op appointment, I will start compiling a list of questions for my doctor and start putting together a list of necessities for after my surgery. I hope that I will be able to find the best scar strips and compression garments! I am so excited! My husband will be taking pictures of me over the next day or two so I can show you all my pre surgery body. Sharing my pictures will be pretty nerve wracking but I hope it helps someone else thinking about getting a tummy tuck or lipo done.

Updated on 6 Mar 2017:
Tomorrow morning is my pre op. My husband bought me some black underwear so we can take pictures to compare at home. The lighting is horrible so maybe tomorrow night we can retake some but here it is….. 3/6/17 21 days pre op. So blessed to be going through this!

Updated on 7 Mar 2017:
Got all of my prescriptions filled, blood work done, and pictures done today! Wooohooo 20 more days! The pre op went very well. Kim and Dr. Deluca-Pytell answered all of my questions. Now just to go out and make sure that get anti bacterial soap, spanx, stool softeners, and good compression socks!

Updated on 18 Apr 2017:
I’m three weeks post op and feeling so good! Still swollen in my abdomen but I’ll take it! I just wore a dress yesterday that was snug on my tummy before my procedure and it was huge!!! I can not believe it!


23 Years Old, No Kids, 5’6 and 145 Lbs, 375cc Mentor Anatomical Silicone Implants

I want a more proportional look and for it to look as natural as possible which is why I chose the anatomical implants. I’m so excited to finally be able to fill shirts and swimsuits without a lot of padding. I’m currently a 34A or B (depending on the bra) and I’m hoping to go up one cup size. I don’t want it to look like 2 round balls on my chest which is another reason why I chose anatomical implants. My surgery is now 6 days away and I’m so excited and a little nervous!!

Updated on 22 Jan 2017:
I feel like I’ve waited so long for this moment that I can’t believe it’s actually happening tomorrow!! I’m hoping I won’t be in too much pain tomorrow. I just took an arnica montana pill. My ps recommend it to help with swelling and bruising and I’m will to try anything to help with that. Has anyone taken it and noticed that it helped? I will try to post some pics of my results tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Updated on 25 Jan 2017:
So I had my surgery at 830 Monday morning. I got the nerve block and an anti-nausea patch behind my ear. The whole process was super easy. The staff at the hospital made me feel relaxed. Before I knew it, I was waking up new boobs!! I felt a lot of pain at first. Probably a 8 out of 10 so the nurse gave me 2 more doses of pain meds which helped a lot. I pretty much slept the hr ride home and slept some more once I got home. My chest felt extremely tight and very very sore. I couldn’t even lift my arms the first day and let’s just say going to the bathroom on my own was a struggle. So far I have been sleeping throughout the night besides waking up to take my meds.
Yesterday and today have been a little bit better. I still feel very tight and sore. Sometimes I also feel this burning feeling on the sides of my breasts. My left breast hurts more than my right. Is that normal? The pain is the worst when I get up to walk around and then when I lay back down. I’m still just relaxing all day and taking it easy. I’m hoping it gets better everyday! My ps sent me flowers today which I thought was so sweet. She really is awesome!

Updated on 26 Jan 2017:
Today I feel a little better. I can actually get out of bed on my own now. I still feel very tight and sore. Most of the tightness is on the outer sides of my breasts (more so on my left breast which was bigger to begin with) is that normal?

Updated on 28 Jan 2017:
So today is 5 days post op for me! Most of my soreness is on the sides of my breast and occasionally I’ll feel burning there and where my incisions are. I’ve noticed that the tightness comes and goes. It will randomly feel tight. Does anyone else have that? Yesterday I had to get out of the house so I did a little shopping! I went to one store and was exhausted. I was using my arms more yesterday and I think I over did it. My right side was hurting pretty bad when I woke up. Last night I was struggling mentally. My back was killing me. I wanted so badly to lay on my side. I’m also struggling with going to the bathroom and I’m even taking stool softeners. I feel so bloated. I love my results and don’t regret doing it but I can’t wait to be normal again.

Updated on 10 Feb 2017:
I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks now. It’s amazing how much things change in a week. I’m not getting sharp pains anymore (feeling pretty much no pain actually) and I can move my arms a lot more. I can reach over my head and I’m not hunched over. My muscles don’t feel as tight either. I recently had my 2 week post op appointment and my ps said everything is looking good. I now have to put auqaphor on my scars and massage them. I also have to massage my pec muscles gently. My nipples are still pretty much always hard and are hypersensitive so I have to run them to desensitize them which feels super weird with them being this sensitive. I can only wear wire free bras with no padding and minimal support. Looser the better so the implants can drop. I prefer loose anyways because tight things are uncomfortable still. I bought some silicone petals for over my nipples. I’m still sleeping on my back which I’ve gotten used to. She told me I could sleep on my side if it wasn’t too uncomfortable but I’m too scared I would mess something up so I’m waiting a little longer to do that! They feel like they are getting softer each day which I’m pleasantly surprised by because other reviews of the teardrop implants said they take longer to get softer. I can even feel them jiggle a little when I’m walking. That’s a new feeling for me because my old boobs never jiggled haha I can do light lifting…still no heavy lifting and light exercise (if I swear I’m doing too much). I’m just beyond happy with my results so far and can’t wait until they become even softer. I love the way I look in clothes. I feel more womanly and my fiancé loves them 🙂

Updated on 10 Feb 2017: